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About Cimera


December 2004

The Balearic Government approves the constitution of the International Centre for Advanced Respiratory Medicine (Fundació Caubet-CIMERA Illes Balears). The official site of CIMERA is located in the campus of the Hospital Joan March (Bunyola-Mallorca).

May 2005

Funding from the Balearic Government, the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the European Union (FEDER) are obtained, and collaboration agreements with several pharmaceutical and health care companies are signed.


July 2005

First meeting of the Board of Directors, in which Dr. Agustí is appointed as the Executive Director.


October 2005

Beginning of the renovation of the administrative building and the construction of the first phase of the scientific building of CIMERA (1000 m2).


December 2005

The scientific activity of CIMERA is organized into three scientific programs:

    1. Epidemiology & Clinical Investigation
    2. Infection & Immunity
    3. Regenerative Pulmonary Medicine

The scientific activity starts thanks to the generous collaboration of Hospital Universitari Son Dureta (Palma de Mallorca) who lends part of its Investigation Unit while the new scientific structures of CIMERA are being built in the campus of Hospital Joan March (Bunyola, Mallorca).


January 2006

CIMERA inaugurates the administrative facilities. Mr. Antonio López Robles, as a General Manager, and administrative personnel are appointed


9 of November 2006

President of the Balearic Government (MH. Sr. Jaume Matas) inaugurates the first scientific facilities of CIMERA.

Fundation Caubet - Cimera International Center for Advanced Respiratory Medicine

Recinte Hospital Joan March, Carretera Soller Km 12, 07110, Bunyola, Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain

Tel. (+34) 971.148.437 fax. (+34) 971.148.442