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About Cimera

General information


The International Centre for Advanced Respiratory Medicine (Fundación Caubet-CIMERA Illes Balears) was set up in December 2004 by the Government of the Balearic Islands.

CIMERA is a non-profit research foundation aimed at creating a centre of excellence for translational research in respiratory medicine in Europe. CIMERA is committed to collaborate with international researchers and to include in its staff foreign researchers.

The mission of the Fundación Caubet Cimera is to produce relevant knowledge for a better diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent respiratory diseases, and to translate this knowledge into clinical practice in the fastest, most efficient and safest possible manner.

In order to reach this mission, CIMERA has considered the following objectives:

To develop a research program of excellence focused on improving the understanding and management of the most common respiratory diseases.

To offer patients the possibility of accessing the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the most common respiratory, even if these are still in a developmental phase.

To transfer the knowledge generated in CIMERA to other innovative companies.

The collaboration between the basic, clinical and epidemiologic researchers (translational research) is considered essential to establish the framework of CIMERA.

Fundation Caubet - Cimera International Center for Advanced Respiratory Medicine

Recinte Hospital Joan March, Carretera Soller Km 12, 07110, Bunyola, Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain

Tel. (+34) 971.148.437 fax. (+34) 971.148.442